Are you a lover of the Finest Beer?Illustration of Wheat

The history of brewing has always been about the passing on of knowledge. Just as Frank Appleton mentored Sean Hoyne in his brewing apprenticeship, Sean has taken a group of enthusiastic young brewers under his wing. Several years ago, when the time was right, Sean approached his group of young, enthusiastic brewers and presented the idea of them creating their own recipes, saying, “You guys are all great brewers. You know more than you think you do. I’m going to give you the opportunity to create a series of your own beers. You can use any ingredients you want, sourced from anywhere in the world. You get to come up with everything: the style, the name and even the image on the label. These beers are your babies.”

And so began The Young Lions Series. Their first creation was Carte Blanche, a Belgian White IPA with the image of the four brewers in front of a fermentation tank. A perfect beginning to a hopefully long tradition.