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Among Giants

The first time I walked amongst the giants of Cathedral Grove, aside from feeling transient and tiny, I also felt that I had been transported to a pre-historic time, long before humans emerged. A time when majestic and dark forests blanketed our Emerald Island. We now know that a forest is really a community of individuals, all connected, all in rooted communication with each other. We also know that there is as much tree embedded in soil as above it, and a nearly infinite web of microbes that symbiotically transport chemical messages and nutrients to and from individual trees. (This is the original internet). These forests have rightly been called the “Lungs of the World,” so please tread lightly amongst the giants, for they gather with purpose.

Beer Type

Westcoast IPA


Limited Release







Available Formats

Kegs 50L / 20L
Cans 473ml / 355ml


Flavours of citrus and pine intersect with tropical juiciness and balanced bitterness. Pale malts provide a blank canvas for sticky spruce, pithy pomelo, and pineapple jam.

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