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The Dirty Wall Project: See a need and fill it

The Dirty Wall Project is a never-ending journey to help poor the communities of Mumbai with medical needs, school fees and to build projects that will benefit the communities for years to come. We ask what locals need and then employ them to help us get it done. They inspire us and help us understand cultural differences. Together we are resourceful and adaptable which enables us to work in unusual circumstances and less than ideal conditions.  Besides serious stuff like school fees and medical needs, we also fund good times such as  the purchase of swings for the garden area, taking kids to a movie, and making sure birthdays are celebrated with a cake and a small gift.

The Dirty Wall Project has no overhead and no salaries to pay except to the locals we employ who benefit from a job. We are volunteers in every sense of the word. Our time, travel costs, and living expenses are our donation to  DWP. Every dollar donated to this project is spent entirely on filling the needs of  communities in India. Our mandate “See a need and fill it.” is made possible with your support.

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