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Young Lions Abbey Style Dubbel

Deep within the cloistered confines of the St. Hoyner-dictus Abbey, one brother, Jacobus Bellend (It’s Flemish), is regretting his Vow of Silence. How will he shout to the steeple-tops his love of fine Belgian-Style Dubbels? Moreso, how will he share his most secret ingredient? Along with the ordained Dark Candi Sugar, our Merry Monk silently slipped in a divine dose of dark Canadian Maple Syrup. Dark fruit, warming strength and indulgent caramel. Truly a Revelation!

Young Lions

Our Young Lions series of beers are all conceived, created and crafted by the next generation of brewers at Hoyne. Brewmaster Sean Hoyne lends his experience and knowledge to help them experiment with the art of brewing craft beer – much in the same way that Frank Appleton shared his experience with Sean.

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Beer Type

Belgian Abbey Style Dubbel (Ale)


Limited Release







Available Formats

Kegs 50L / 20L
Bottles 650ml
Cans 473ml


Rich and complex notes of figs, raisins, dried cherries and toffee are balanced with a subtle warming spice and a dry finish.

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