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Double Helix IPA

Who knows why, or even how, Mother Nature decided to package Her finest work of art, Her Magnum Opus as it were, in a place so deeply hidden it may never have been seen. Embroidered in the nucleus of every living cell is a structure so intricate, so perfectly elegant, only She could have dreamt it up. Scientists use the term “Double Helix” to describe the series of repeating molecular structures that wind around itself like a spiral staircase, forming DNA. Her finest touch, though, is this: when good and ready, that staircase separates from itself into two mirror images, each of which is now able to replicate its other half perfectly. These identical daughters form the basis for new cells, and as if by magic, growth happens. This is the very stuff of life, sculpted exquisitely.

Beer Type

Double IPA


Limited Release







Available Formats

Kegs 50L / 20L
Cans 473ml


Deep amber hues reveal rich malts balanced by a firm bitterness delivering notes of earthy pine, red plums, nectarines, and bittersweet blood oranges.

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