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Bier Garten Hefeweizen

Is it civilized to stop whatever work you are doing between breakfast and lunch to enjoy a snack of bread, cheeses, perhaps a sausage, a pretzel with mustard, washed down with a delicious glass of Hefeweizen? The fine people of Bavaria certainly think so. They have been doing so for centuries. They even have a word for it: Brotzeit! I think we still have much to learn from our European friends!

Young Lions

Our Young Lions series of beers are all conceived, created and crafted by the next generation of brewers at Hoyne. Brewmaster Sean Hoyne lends his experience and knowledge to help them experiment with the art of brewing craft beer – much in the same way that Frank Appleton shared his experience with Sean.

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Beer Type

Bier Garten Hefeweizen


Limited Release







Available Formats

Kegs 50L / 20L
Cans 473ml


A glass brimming with banana bread, vanilla, and subtle spice yet refreshing as a cool Alpine breeze. Golden, hazy and fortifying.

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